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On May 3, 2018, the Ohio Secretary of State approved the articles of incorporation creating the Huron County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank).  The Land Bank held its organizational meeting on August 3, 2018 adopting the internal documents governing the newly-formed corporation.
The mission of the Huron County Land Bank is “the preservation, restoration or disposal of abandoned or foreclosed properties.  To strategically acquire properties, return them to productive use, reduce blight, increase property values, support community goals, and improve the quality of life for Huron County residents”
The Huron County Land Bank Board consists of nine individuals.  Board configuration is defined in the Ohio Revised Code.  Serving on the Huron County Land Bank Board are:
Statutory-appointed Directors:  Kathleen Shaffer, Huron County Treasurer; Bruce “Skip” Wilde, Huron County Commissioner; Joe Hintz, Huron County Commissioner; Municipal Representative:  Mitch Loughton, City of Norwalk; Appointed Directors: Richard “Dick” Wiles, Township Trustee; Dave Freitag, Bellevue Treasurer & CEO Firelands Association of Realtors; Shawn Pickworth, New London Village Administrator; Jim Ludban, Willard City Manager; and Joe Hintz, Huron County Commissioner.
Since its creation, the Land Bank has been developing Policies & Procedures, programs and the necessary forms to effectively accomplish its mission.  To date, the Land Bank has not acquired any properties.   
The Huron County Land Bank entered into a contract with the Huron County Development Council to administer the land bank.  At the October 2018 Ohio Land Bank Conference, Carol Knapp was elected to serve on the board of the newly-created Ohio Land Bank Association.  Questions regarding the Land Bank can be directed to Carol A. Knapp, Executive Director at 419-663-4232 / 419-577-1320 or by email at econdirector@hcdc.net