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HCDC maintain the state database of available buildings and sites in Huron County.

Properties must be listed on this database to be eligible for response to state-generated economic development leads.  We work with our local economic development and community partners to be sure that the database is populated with accurate information on all available sites in the county.

HCDC receives and distributes state-generated economic development leads to our local economic development partners and communities.  HCDC is the only agency in the county that can respond to these leads on behalf of our communities.  We provide assistance with preparation of RFIs (Requests for Information) that may be required with the proposed site response. 


To the Region

The economic development services HCDC provides do not stop at the county borders


HCDC takes a regional approach to economic development by collaborating with our neighboring counties to address common issues.  Our Four-county Manufacturing Month Team has planned impactful events over the last Six years to bring awareness to career opportunities in the manufacturing fields and assist our businesses in meeting their workforce needs.


To the County

HCDC Represents Huron County


As the county's designated lead economic development organization, the Huron County Development Council represents the county's interest with a number of local, regional, and state organizations and agencies.


To The Communities

The Huron County Development Council works closely with local economic development organizations and governmental leaders to position communities for economic growth and assist with projects


HCDC assisted the Village of New London, City of Willard, and Village of wakeman with creation of Community Reinvestment Areas to spur residential and commercial development in their communities. 

Additional services HCDC can provide our communities include Annexation assistance, Enterprise Zone Management/Reporting, CRA Creation, Management/Reporting, and Special Project Assistance. 


To The Businesses

Each Economic Development Opportunity Is Different


The Huron County Development Council offers custom-designed economic development and workforce assistance to our clients.

We meet with our businesses and listen to their needs and help develop a program to provide them with the greatest assistance.  We walk our clients through the entire process whether it is HCDC direct assistance or assistance from one of our expert resources.

We work to position the county for increased economic development opportunities by establishing and administering the Huron County Transportation Improvement District and the newly created Huron County Land Bank .  HCDC serves as the Community Improvement Corporation for the majority of the county as well. 

Services include, but are not limited to Business startup assistance, Relocation assistance, Business expansion assistance, Workforce assistance, Financial resource assistance, Potential incentive assistance, and Permitting and licensing assistance.



HCDC is in the process of revamping our Business Retention & Expansion Program to better serve our businesses and communities. Roll-out of the new & improved program is January 2020.


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